Suzanne Brown

Certified Reiki Master

Intuitive Coach

I've lived an adventurous life filled with a variety of creative opportunities to serve others and it has prepared me in many ways to be a supportive healer. 

I think it's accurate to say we're all in a constant state of healing, whether it's physically, emotionally or spiritually and in my experience, Reiki shines a special light and is beneficial to everyone. It can be a gentle or profound vibration depending on the circumstances.

I am a certified Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach. I infuse ancient healing tools such as, stones, oils, teas & herbs into my sessions. 

I've studied with and been fortunate to work with other gifted healers and mentors who have been vital to my personal and professional process. I listen not only with my ears, but by heart. My mission is to help others who may be struggling, in any life situation, by clearing changing and balancing energy, giving you feedback, strategies, guidance and direction. It is my honor to help facilitate your journey to health and happiness.